Community Service Project

While here, students will be working on a community service project. The project will bring clean water to people here in the Dominican Republic. Although the Dominican Republic has made great strides in water access and improved sanitation in recent decades, there is still much work left to be done. Many rural areas have little or no access to clean water, and therefore during each KLS session, a day will be spent bringing the gift of clean water to people in need. Below are pictures from the two campaigns in September and December 2015. Plus from this past year, we have helped with hurricane relief, raising money to build a well and raising money to help two schools in the area. We are currently collecting funds for a toy collection to give to children for Christmas.

Water Project (Water4Life) February 2018


Fundacion Anamuya School Assistance and helping those in need

Hurricane Relief 2017

Water Project – 2017


Clean Water Campaign – December 13, 2015


Clean Water Campaign – September 2015