KLS Spanish Immersion Program

Do you want to learn Spanish quickly and efficiently? Do you want to do this staying at a safe and secure all-inclusive resort while being immersed in the Spanish language and culture of the Dominican Republic? Then KLS All-Inclusive Spanish Immersion Program is the one for you! By signing a contract when you begin the program to commit to speaking only Spanish for the sessions of your choice, you will be on your way to speaking and understanding the language faster than you ever thought possible! The experience will amaze you! If you are serious about learning Spanish, then this is the right program for you! (Continue reading all specific details about the program.)
How to apply:
Unlike other programs, there isn’t an application fee when you apply. Just click on the application link below, download the form, fill it out, and send it to: [email protected]
(PDF)KLS Language Programs Application
(docx)KLS Language Programs Application
KLS Intensive Spanish Summer Language Program is a new program beginning this Summer 2016 and is unlike any other language immersion program anywhere! The program offers an intensive immersion program in which students will complete beginning and/or intermediate levels of Spanish instruction in 4 or 8 weeks… one to two years of coursework in one summer! Not only do you get to learn Spanish quickly in a fun and exciting place, you also get to do it while staying in a safe and secure place on an All-Inclusive Resort! Course work is instructed by a highly-qualified native Spanish professor or certified instructor! Class sizes are small (max 10 students per class/per session) to ensure individual attention and faster learning. Excursions and activities are programmed to engage and immerse you in Dominican life, while being a few steps from the beach. Who could want anything more when learning a language?
What are the dates of the program?
Session 1, Level 1 or Level 2 – May 28th – June 25th, 2016 (deadline has passed to apply for session1)
Session 2, Level 1 or Level 2 – June 25th – July 23rd, 2016
The cost of the program per 4 week session is only $4795.00 USD and includes EVERYTHING (tuition, course materials, meals, excursions) except your airfare and travel insurance. Compared to other programs, you are getting a quality program, with much more, for less! (see program costs for more details)
The mission of the KLS Intensive Immersion Program is to learn or improve your Spanish quickly and efficiently by completely immersing you in a Spanish speaking community. This is a highly intensive immersion program to bring faster results. With that being said, instructional classes will be Monday – Saturday, and all meals will be eaten as a group speaking in Spanish (see tentative schedule below). Mornings will be used to acquire new vocabulary and grammar points while afternoons will be dedicated to using what has been learned in context through fun activities. All contact and communication inside and outside the classroom will be in Spanish only, with the exception of calling/contacting home. Afternoons will be dedicated to language learning activities and Sundays will be dedicated to fun excursions.
Where is the program located?
Hotel Vista Sol Punta Cana* is where you will be staying and taking your classesIt is an all-inclusive resort with a private beach, 3 swimming pools, 7 bars, 1 buffet restaurant and 3 a la carte restaurants, a disco and show area. There are shows every night and activities throughout the hotel daily. Hotel Vista Sol Punta Cana is a small-scale resort and, therefore, all amenities and attractions are always nearby. For those wishing to keep fit Hotel Vista Sol Punta Cana offers a gym, 3 tennis courts, beach volleyball, table tennis, aqua gym and much more…………. The hotel has its own security staff on grounds at all time, and there is a medical center and doctor on site. Parents and students can feel safe and secure knowing that they will be taken care of at every moment during the program.
*Hotel Vista Sol Punta Cana is not affiliated in any way with the KLS company or educational program, and it is simply the housing and class location for the program. They are not responsible for any part of the educational portion of the program other than a safe and secure location and the normal responsibilities a hotel has to its clients.
 Tentative Class Schedule
Monday – Saturday
8:00 am – Breakfast Together
9:00 am – 1:00 pm – Morning Class Session
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm – Lunch Together
2:00 pm – 5:00 pm – Afternoon Activities (putting language into context)
5:00 pm – 7:00 pm – Break
7:00 pm – Dinner Together
8:00 pm – Optional Evening Activity
Sunday – Excursion Day
Please email [email protected] for more information or any questions about this program.

KLS Language Programs is owned and operated by Maggio Multicultural Academy, S.R.L