What are some students saying about Kristi and KLS Language Programs? Let’s find out…

IMG_0735 Mariano Moreno (Spain)

My teacher Kristi is wonderful. She is number one. I have taken classes with her for almost a year, and she taught me a lot to speak English better. When I went to New York, it was nice to speak with the people. Classes are interesting, and I always like class time. I highly recommend Kristi and the KLS Language Programs.

IMG_2937  Sally Auktun (England)

I took a session of Spanish lessons with Kristi. She is a fantastic teacher and a very lovely person to spend time with. She helped me so much and made me feel relaxed. The lessons were professional and skilled so the learning was progressive. Learning is easy if you have a teacher like Kristi. She is the best, and I would recommend her program.


Micheiry Perez (Dominican Republic)

I have 2 years studying English with Kristi. The KLS program is very good. When I started taking classes, I didn’t know any English. Now I know English, and I have friends from other countries that only speak English, and I can speak with them and understand everything they say. I love having class with Kristi. She teaches me pop songs that I listen to and takes me to learn in stores and other places that help me learn in a different way.


IMG_3589 Apollinariya Medenko (Russia)

I study English and Spanish with Kristi. I like her classes and her program. She teaches me so well, and I can speak so fast. I am doing much better in my English, and I am just starting to learn Spanish. She gives me homework, but I have time to relax too. She helps me with anything I need, and she always gives me good advice. Thank you so much Kristi!

IMG_3593 Olga Kalinina (Ukraine)

Yo hago clases de español con Kristi hace un año. Ella es una buena profesora, y una profesora que es muy inteligente y sabe muchas cosas diferentes. Normalmente yo estoy nerviosa cuando hablo español, pero siempre me siento tranquila hablando con Kristi. Ella me ayudó mucho, y yo recomiendo ella y el programa KLS.

IMG_4040 Kaelum Kalista (United States)

Being a 36 year old professional here working in the Dominican, these Spanish classes have helped me so much to have more confidence when I speak Spanish. Classes are very fun, and I feel I have learned so much with Kristi.

IMG_4037 Elena Atance (Spain) (review written by Elena’s mother)

Llegue a Kristi por recomendación de un amigo, hace un año, y sinceramente he visto la mejora día a día, mi pequeña sigue yendo a sus clases con muchas ganas y contenta, y en el colegio me aseguran que a mejorado mucho, es una persona comprensiva con las necesidades de los horarios y siempre está dispuesta a hacer algún extra en época de exámenes. Solo puedo estar agradecida.

I came to Kristi from the recommendation of a friend, a year ago, and I have honestly seen a daily improvement in my daughter’s English. My little girl continues going to classes with much desire and happiness, and in her school they have assured me that she has gotten better. Kristi is a very understanding person when it comes to scheduling and is always available to do extra lessons when it is exam time.

IMG_4041 Cindy de Groot (Holland)

While searching online for Spanish Teachers in Bavaro area, where i stayed for 6 months, not many options were there…

Luckily I found Kristi and I instantly had a good feeling about her. She replied quickly and sticks to her word and appointments! Something I really appreciate coming from Europe smile emoticon

I took weekly classes, either private or in group, and i improved a lot! She is truly a wonderful teacher that invited me into her home to take the classes. A good balance of informal and professional. She always stood open to hear what I wanted to focus on learning in particular and adjusted to my speed of progress.

I definitely recommend her and her new KLS Program!

FullSizeRender Jeff Henderson & Kelly Meakins (United States)

When we moved to the Dominican Republic 7 months ago, Kristi was recommended to us for Spanish lessons.  Being retirement age, learning a new language has been a challenge to both my husband and myself!!  Kristi has been more than patient with us!!  We like (and appreciate) that she teaches us privately, and at a slower pace.  She is willing to help us with the things we need to know here, in our daily lives!!  Kristi has definitely enriched our lives and we both would highly recommend her and the KLS Language Program!

1097009_614774155223854_1175220821_o Olga Skomskiene (Lithuania)

I had English classes with Kristi last year. After 6 months my English skills were higher. Now, I can speak and understand English very well. She is very professional and an efficient teacher and a very nice, helpful and patient person. I highly recommend her.

IMG_4043 Isabel Penella (Spain)

Kristi is an excellent teacher. I attended her classes for more than a year. She has great experience as a teacher, and her methods are fast and efficient. I definitely recommend Kristi if you want to start or improve a new language!!

IMG_4045 Kelly Setzer (United States)

I highly recommend.  I have been taking classes with Kristi and wish this intensive program was available years ago.  Great way to learn not only the language but a new culture as well.

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